Gaia Green Bone Meal  2-16-0 2kg

Gaia Green Bone Meal 2-16-0 2kg

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Gaia Bone Meal 2-16-0 is a premium phosphate fertilizer and biological stimulant. Use it in your vegetable garden, flower beds, hanging baskets, lawn, and when planting trees, shrubs, and other perennials to improve plant growth and overall health.

This slow-release fertilizer provides an excellent source of phosphorus and calcium, and is used by many organic gardeners for bigger blooms, increased flowering, and to stimulate root development.

Gaia Green fertilizer blends are formulated using the finest organic and mineral inputs to ensure a complete balance of nutrients. All products are free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, providing you with a great alternative to conventional products.

All Gaia Green Natural Fertilziers are 100% environmentally friendly, acceptable for organic food production and GMO free.

Comes in an easy to carry reusable and resealable pail. Made from finely ground bovine bone.

NPK: 2-16-0