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The Most Important Aspect of The Vegetative Stage

The vegetative stage is when your plants will grow the most in its leaves, branches, and height. Its stem will be getting thicker and stronger, and it should be growing many new leaves at an increasingly fast rate. The vegetative phase is crucial for your plant as it absorbs as much energy from the sun as possible (as the leaves absorb this energy). Therefore, this will contribute to a healthy flowering stage by using all the energy it had acquired. A larger plant means more and bigger buds, so you should take the vegetative stage seriously.

You can only grow your marijuana plant to use as much space as you have in your home. If you just want a small plant for personal use of marijuana, then just 30 days of the vegetative phase should do the trick. Some people even go as short as two to three weeks of the vegetative phase and still get everything they need from their plant.
Some growers (especially experienced ones) use training methods to get their plants to grow outwards rather than upwards, thus maximizing the amount of growth without growing too huge for the indoor space that they have.

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