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Ventilation As Prevention

Proper ventilation is connected to humidity and temperature. However it is a separate aspect that requires as much consideration as the other aspects of growing your marijuana plant. Proper ventilation prevents things like mold, fungi, and other unhealthy issues from developing on your plant. You need to consider the size of your growing space and the amount of plants you will be growing. The greater the number of plants, the more important it is to have good ventilation.

Symptoms of Poor Ventilation

A lack of proper ventilation can cause the pores in the leaves of your marijuana plant to start to clog. When this happens the leaf will eventually die and fall off. If there is too much leaf death, eventually your plant itself could die. The plant’s leaves are responsible for absorbing the energy of the sun and using it for faster and better growth. Therefore, less leaves means your plant will be losing some valuable resources.

Consider The Size of The Space You Will Ventilate

This is probably going to be more important if you are growing your marijuana plant inside of a small closet or cupboard. Since you will likely need to enclose it this way just before and during its flowering stage, however, you should make sure there is enough ventilation before you even start growing your plant in there.

Ventilation is perhaps the most important during the flowering stage of your plant’s life, because, without enough air movement and fresh air in general, the thick, juicy buds are prone to developing mold. Moldy buds are completely unusable, so this would be completely devastating to your plant and to your final yield.

If you have set up the closet or cupboard (or other enclosure) and need a source of ventilation, try putting in a fan. If you can set it up in a way that the fan is pulling fresh air in from the outside, then it will be perfect. A fan that simply moves the air around can be very helpful.

Having good ventilation from an early age of your plant has the additional benefit of encouraging it to grow a thicker stalk, as it registers this as potentially harmful wind and therefore grows stronger to counteract it. The thicker and stronger your plant is, the better the end product.

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