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If you have an outdoor cannabis garden, pests are a reality you cannot avoid. So if you get pests and they damage your plants, how can you save your ladies?

To be sure, soft tissue plants can and often will naturally heal their own wounds but a gardener can and should optimize their recovery.

What To Do

Start off by gently cleaning the break with lukewarm water. Remove all debris or visible pests from the area. Lightly wrap a non-absorbent mesh like garden trellis netting 3-5 times around the break or wound. The mesh is to allow air circulation before wrapping the area with plastic wrap (like Glad Cling Wrap).

Next is making a splint to support the break. Toothpicks are great for small breaks but bamboo stakes are the way to go. Wrap around a splint with cling wrap. If possible, cut your bamboo stake long enough to anchor into the ground to provide support for the plant. In either case, I would provide additional structural support through staking until the wound is healed. Never such thing as too many stakes!

This fix will work and will cost about 10 bucks. Just make sure change the cling wrap dressing regularly to prevent excessive moisture build up.

Good Luck!

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