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Written By: Andrew Nunez-Alvarez

  • Lifespan: lasts for up to 100,000 hours (11 years @24hr Light On)

    • Lasts about 100 times longer than HID bulbs and 5-7 times longer than T5 fluorescent lights
    • HID bulbs typically need to be replaced annually (or according to light usage). This guarantees a $100-$200 annual cost on replacing HID bulbs whereas LED’s last for years without losing PAR rating (PAR is the available wavelength spectrum)


  • Targeted Spectrum Wavelengths

    • LED light systems are specifically designed to reach optimal wavelength levels through their coloured LED diodes
    • The highest efficiency of chlorophyll absorption occurs between 400 to 500 nm and between 600 to 700 nm, which is impossible to optimize using traditional HID lighting where most of the light output falls outside this range
    • Certain models produce can produce vegetative light spectrum, bloom spectrum and sometimes both


  • Efficiently low energy consumption causes less heat signatures

    • Consumes a fraction of electricity compared to other lighting options, as much as 70% less.
    • Majority of wasted electricity in HID systems is given off as heat
    • Excessive heat within a grow tent can cause major issues to a plant’s development
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your growing needs
    • Including long light strips to large grow light kits
  • Ideal for closet grows, tent grows or any enclosed grow set-up
  • A premium LED grow light system reduces hydro bills, excess heat signatures and annual grow equipment fees.
  • Assure that you take into account the Input Wattage (how much energy is consumed to operate) and the Output Wattage (how much light energy is produced) as these tend to differ due to their efficiency
  • You should incorporate a reflector (when possible) and Mylar-lined walls for maximum light exposure for optimal light distribution and efficiency.

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