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A Few Reasons Why You Should Convince Your Parents To Grow Pot.

By Bud Flowers

Is there a more awkward conversation than the one you will have with your parents about convincing them to grow their own pot? Sure there are, but none of those are as important as this. Here are some reasons why you need to broach the subject with the two old hippies that brought you into this world.

They’ll Stop Bugging You For Hookups

Most of your parents’ friends are no longer drug dealers. They’re grandparents and taxpayers now. Some are dead. Lame. So they’ve been asking you to spare some of your stash with them. This is a real conversation that happens between parents and progeny. Tell them it’s time to grow up and get their lives in order. They need to take responsibility for themselves. Tell them to start growing their own stuff so they can stop mooching off of you. Maybe they’ll eventually move out after you convince them to grow pot.

Better Than Pharms

The older generation have ailments and nagging injuries from a lifetime of repetitive movements and lack of care for their bodies. Due to poor access to good marijuana, people are forced to see their family doctor to prescribe a bandaid cure for the things that ail them. Percocet, Oxycodin, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and other pharmaceuticals are given to our parents to help them get through the day without pain, and so they can sleep at night. They always tell you that they sleep better after a joint, and feel more mobile. Convince them to become more self sufficient by growing their own medicine and get off the stuff that is killing them faster than they may realize.

They Need A Hobby

We’ve all heard that story about parents who won’t stop working after retirement, or they become feeble because they don’t have a new hobby to keep their brains active once they’ve left the work force. Put an end to that, unless you’re hungry for your inheritance you ungrateful human. Get your parents growing together so that they’ll have something to do. It will keep them from calling you every 5 seconds asking if you want to come over for dinner, coffee, or anything at all. You do (obviously), but that’s not the point.

They’ll Stop Stealing Your Stuff

You open your freezer door to discover that some of your stash is missing. Was it a whimsical team of weed gnomes that raided your treasure in the middle of the night, or a pair of mischievous and senile old folks that needed a fix? It’s time to have that talk with your parents and let them know that the house key is for emergency’s only! Even if you owe them a lifetime’s worth of groceries, that’s not the issue here. Get them growing so you can enjoy your own drugs, and maybe some of theirs.

Keeps You Out Of Jail

Maybe you don’t grow your own pot and still rely on that one friend who continues to sell you cannabis outside the legal limits of the law. What if they get busted? What if you get busted? Your parents don’t need to bail you out of jail (again). Tell them that you’re tired of being a constant source of disappointment in their lives, and would like to remove one more thing that contributes to this sentiment. Get them growing so that you can stay out of jail and give them grandchildren.

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