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The Rockwool Method

You just need to trim the healthy cuttings from healthy plants. Make sure to clip off most of the leaves, but leave the top ones intact. Dip each of the cuttings in rooting gel or powder and then place it in a Rockwool cube and place it under a CFL light.

The ideal temperature is around 22-24*C and the humidity should be over 90%. The roots should start showing up in about 8-12 days.

Make sure to soak the rock wool cubes in pH 5.5 water for a few hours. We sell rockwool cubes and absorbent on our Online Store

The Potting Soil Method

Because you will want the cutting to use all of its resources and energy for sprouting roots, take away any mature leaves that are on the stalk. Then wet the sliced bottom of the stalk and dip it into rooting gel or powder. After that, stick the plant into the saturated potting soil under CFL lights, where it should remain while the roots are forming.

Water Method

This method requires the removal of mature leaves from the cutting. Then, get a container of water – a plastic bottle of approx.. 16 oz works best because of its narrow neck (it will be helpful in holding up the plant) and then fill it with water that has been treated with plant food.

Submerge the stalks of your plants into this water and leave them there, mixing the bottle every couple of days to make sure you don’t develop algae. If you do discover an algae problem, you can change the water.

Keep the light indirectly or less intense than normal until the new leaves are growing at the top. The new leaf growth usually happens at the same time as root growth. Once you have a nice ball of roots, it’s a sign that it is time for to transplant.

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