What Weed Do You Need?


By Bud Flowers

In one of our previous posts, “What Strain Is For You?” We shared some of the basic features and differences between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, and how those characteristics may inform your choice in what to grow. Check out the article here https://growophydroponics.com/city/want-grow-pot-strain/. Let’s take things a step further, shall we? Below is a list of some common ailments, and the varying strains that directly targets those issues.


If you live and work in North America, chances are you get depressed from time to time. Lucky for you there’s a strain of cannabis that may be right for your winter and workplace woes.

Sativas are the way to go if you’re battling depression. Strains high in the terpene ‘limonene’ are great choices for depression since they are directly linked to mood elevation. Try strains like Jack Herer or Pineapple Express before you open your VISA bill. Another great choice might be Harlequin because it has a good CBD and THC ratio. The presence of CBD helps reduce the anxiety-inducing effects of THC, meaning it will calm your nerves, uplift your spirit, and give you a clear head. Mondays won’t stand a chance.


Many people stay away from weed because oftentimes it causes anxiety. which can make choosing the right strain a tricky thing. You probably want an Indica that’s high in CBD. Look for Indica strains that are high in the terpene linalool, which has a flowery aroma.

If you’re sensitive to the psychoactive effects of THC, try high CBD strains like Sour Tsunami or Lavender. They are specifically geared to make you feel sleepy yet focused, with a feeling of contentment. These are great choices before bed. Put on some slow Jazz, medicate with Indica, and sleep like a baby. Warning: side effects may include drooling all over your pillows.


It seems that everyone lives with some form of physical pain. Our jobs require repetitive movements that lead to breakdown of our tissues and joints. Luckily mother nature has provided mankind with a remedy that can keep us from ingesting harmful and addictive narcotics provided by our loving friends in the pharmaceutical industry.

When it comes to pain management, you’ll want to use strains that are high in CBD and CBG, two cannabinoids that are directly related to reducing inflammation, and help you sleep comfortably at night. You’ll also want to look for strains that are high in the terpene myrcene which is an analgesic also found in mango, lemongrass, and cardamom. Strains like Blue Dream, Critical Mass or Cannatonic are praised for their effects on users with Fibromyalgia, and those who experience chronic pain. Give these strains a try to relieve workplace pain or activities that make you too sore to sleep well at night.

If you are thinking of growing and want some advice, swing by the shop, give us a call or shoot us an email and someone from our grow team will be able to help you.

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