Sensible Snacking & Controlling The Munchies: The Ultimate Pot Users Dilemma

Sensible Snacking & Controlling The Munchies: The Ultimate Pot Users Dilemma

By Bud Flowers

The idea of sensible snacking almost seems like an oxymoron to the pot user. One of the greatest parts about getting high is how good our favourite foods taste after a toke. Sharing our post-weed go-to snacks with friends is part of the culture of getting high. For myself, it’s pizza and ice cream. However, I’ve recently decided to make some long term goals for myself that involve creating a healthy meal plan that I’ll stick to. No more cookies, beef jerky, butterscotch ripple ice cream or Doritos for this guy. If you want to get high and not hate yourself in the morning, follow some of these handy tips to stay the course.

Don’t Get High & Grocery Shop

It’s just a bad idea. The grocery store is probably the last place to visit when you’re stoned, and broke (like me). You instantly become the 6-year-old brat you once were, that you’d beat with a pool noodle if you saw him in the grocery store today. How did that double pack of Ms. Vickies chips get in there? Nobody eats Count Chocula except (stoned) you.

You don’t have to make compromises by buying President’s Choice cranberry granola bars like your dad did. They’re garbage! What you do need is a plan of attack before you enter the grocery store. Use that notepad sitting on your coffee table for once. Write down what you need. Don’t get high and then go shopping, because your subconscious will find a way to lose that grocery list. Whoops! It’ll take at least 6 weeks before you can get high and walk down the cereal aisle at No Frills with supreme discipline.

Expand Your Horizons

Believe it or not, healthy food that tastes amazing does exist. I dated a vegan once. She would bring me to these restaurants where the food was infused with so much flavor, it blew my mind. Pad Thai, spaghetti squash and caesar wraps were all on the menu. I still went to Wendy’s after I dropped my date off at home, but the point of this paragraph is to tell you that the alternatives can be quite delicious, and will not add to the flab that you’re desperately trying to shed.

Be Prepared

If you don’t have anything ready to eat before you get high, there’s a 50% chance that 100% of the time you smoke, you WILL order a pizza. Don’t try to argue that point. You will look in the fridge, notice all of the unprepared groceries you bought (with ‘the list’), rationalize it in your head, and make the dietary equivalent of a booty call with a crazy ex. You’ll feel empty and alone when it’s over.

Instead, have your meal ready in anticipation of the temptation. It doesn’t take as long as you think. Set aside some time on a specific day of the week to break your groceries down into portions that you can pull out of the fridge, and consume with pride. Stick to the plan, and lose calories while saving cash.

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