New gardeners of cannabis are sometimes a little overwhelmed when it comes to the initial start up costs of their grow. There are plenty of tools on the market that you don’t need to get that green sticky plant to harvest. One that is an absolute requirement? Your pH tester.

In the gardening world, pH both effects and is effected by everything. The important process of testing your pH and adjusting it to the desired levels of pH balance doesn’t have to tricky or overwhelming. But be warned: not testing your pH can put you at risk to lose or damage your crop.

Every plant comes with its own pH identity – some plants and strains of cannabis are more acidic and other more alkaline. The same goes for the water in your tap, the soil in the ground and the food and nutrients you are feeding your plants.


  1. With a perfect pH, you cannabis plant will grow faster and produce bigger buds; and,
  2. Your plants will be able to absorb all the nutrients it needs AND you won’t see those yellow leaves!

A pH scale runs from 1 to 11, lower numbers are more acidic while the higher numbers more alkaline. The ideal pH range for growing cannabis is 5.5 to 6.5. When the pH comes in over 7.5 the roots are not able to absorb important nutrients like iron, copper and zinc. With pH lower than 6 the roots are not able to absorb phosphoric acid, calcium and magnesium.


  1. pH pen – you can opt for a more expensive version or a cheaper one. I recommend one that comes with a warranty like this one: https://growophydroponics.com/product/bluelab-ph-pen-2/
  2. pH up – self explanatory – this is to bring your pH up when it is too low: https://growophydroponics.com/product/ph-up-2/
  3. pH down – this is the bring your pH down when it is coming in hot:  https://growophydroponics.com/product/ph-down-2/
  4. pH 4, pH 7, Calibration Solution and Storage solution – you will need to take care of your investment and make sure that it is working correctly. You can get all these items from the shop.

Getting all the tools to effectively check your pH can seem like an expensive initial investment and a hassle. But, this is one investment that will pay off with your first yield – which seems like the best (only) reason to do it!

If you are thinking of growing or have just started and need some advice, come by the shop or give us a call and someone from our grow team can help!

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