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You’re in a new relationship with someone that you’re really into. After 3 months of going on the usual dates to restaurants and concerts, you’re beginning to get ‘comfortable’ in your relationship, and the initial lust might be starting to wear off. You’re getting antsy trying to come up with a new outing and activity that you both might enjoy, while the answer you’ve been searching for is literally right under your nose. You both like to smoke pot together, but never considered growing together. Now might be the best time to spend working closely on a new activity that will add something exciting to your relationship for the next 12 weeks. Here are a few reasons why growing pot as a couple will benefit your relationship.


Studies have shown that couples who do new and exciting activities together experience a rush of dopamine in their brains that boost the feeling of romantic love. Remember the scene from Ghost when Swayze and Moore spin pottery? Hot right? Now picture you and your lover pruning pot while listening to Unchained Melody. If you were looking for a spark in your romance, grow weed together.


Everyone knows that the biggest contributing factor to a relationship breakdown is financially related. Thanks to your desire to spoil one another, you’re running out of cash to buy things that you considered ‘extras’. Before you become resentful of them for buying an ounce and not taking you to see a new flick, propose that you put your money together, and start this new venture. You’ll save cash, and your relationship.


Lack of communication is another leading cause of a big breakup. Sometimes this stems from the idea that you are an individual, and have neglected the fact that you now belong to a dynamic duo. You and your partner will need to work together to ensure the success of your grow. Roles and responsibilities will have to be assigned, which puts you in a position to make sure you uphold your end of the bargain. This is a great test for the longevity of your relationship. If your partner disregards their role in this partnership, it’s a sign that you probably won’t go the distance. However, if the two of you nail this project, it will bring you closer together, and you’ll have some dynamite bud to smoke before you Netflix and chill with the look of pride and accomplishment smeared all over your faces. 


 Couples need quality time with one another, and sometimes conflicting schedules prevent this. If you have something other than each other that you’re committed to, this may help bring you closer together. Schedule time to work on your project as a couple. This may include simple tasks like creating and maintaining your grow log on a weekly basis, having meetings to discuss a change in roles and responsibilities, or sitting together to trim your bud after the harvest. This may sound like work, but guess what, so are relationships. Give this new project a try and you might live to enjoy a lifelong partnership with your ‘budding’ new relationship.

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