Christmas Gifts For Growers

Are You Ready For Kushmas?!?

Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to decide what pot growing gift to get for that special pot smoker and cannabis grower in your life.

It can be intimidating to try to pick out a gift if you don’t know anything about growing pot. Below are some helpful suggestions to set you on the right path.

For The New Grower

If your special someone is thinking of growing cannabis but has no equipment, there are some great low cost starter packs you can get them. The 12 Daze of Christmas Seed Starter Pack is a great way to get everything you need to start growing cannabis from seed for only $115. The pack includes:

  • the nanodome with T5 light to keep your cannabis seedlings warm, and humid;
  • ph test strips to ensure that the water you are feeding with is between 5.5 and 6.5 ph;
  • Rockwool cubes to offer the perfect medium for a seed to root
  • Starter nutrients
  • Spray bottle

Another great idea to start off is a 2’x2’ basic grow kit. Growing weed with this can yield 2-4 ounces of high quality cannabis every 10 weeks. The kit is a reasonable $319 and comes with:

  • A high quality 2’x2’ enclosed grow tent
  • A 250w light including ballast
  • An extraction fan good to 80 cfm

Once your special someone has this pot growing kit they are well on their way to having everything they need for growing cannabis and can add to their cannabis grow setup over time.

For The Experienced Grower

But what do you get the experienced grower who has everything?

The 12 Daze of Christmas PH/PPM kit at $244.99 is perfect for any experienced pot grower. If they don’t have digital measures for these items, this will save them time and aggravation. If they have already gone digital, they will no doubt need a replacement and will be glad to have a bluelab ppm pen and a bluelab ph pen.

The 12 Daze of Christmas Nutrient Kit is $95.99 and a good way to try out an organic cannabis grow.

The 12 Daze of Christmas Hydro Starter kit for $149.99 is a great way to start dabbling in hydroponics for the first time for a cannabis grower who has been using soil.

For All Growers...

If you really can’t think of what to get for your cannabis growing friend, you can get a gift card to allow him or her to buy whatever they want or need for their setup or just to allow our friendly staff to steer you or them in the right direction when coming to the store.

This Christmas there is no excuse why you can’t get your grower exactly what they want!

Come swing by the shop at 1332 Bloor Street West or give us a call at:

416-530-7750 and ask us any questions you've got about pot!