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Have you ever seen a grumpy gardener? Didn’t think so. A man who tends a garden is generally a nurturing soul. Care and affection are intrinsic qualities you’ll notice about him immediately because he educes feelings of joy and satisfaction from taking care of something that needs him to get through it’s stages of growth. If your ideal man is someone who will nurture you and your relationship, a grower is your guy. And if you plan on having kids some day, you can guarantee that he’ll wake up in the middle of the night to soothe your baby while you get some much deserved rest. Ditch the bum who asks you to buy the next half ounce. Get a man who knows what it takes to nurture a relationship, because he’s already doing it.


Growing pot isn’t what you might think. You don’t just stick a plant in soil and wait 12 weeks for the magic to happen. Ask a grower how many times they’ve failed before they produced the kind of bud they were hoping for. It takes a serious measure of resolve to produce quality pot. Men who grow pot understand commitment. They make a conscious choice to see it through until the end. Their relationship with pot is one of understanding that times will get tough, but they will push on to enjoy the literal fruits of their effort. A grower already understands the ups and downs of life. He’ll stick by you because he knows what commitment is all about. Get him before someone else does. Growers don’t stay single for very long.


There are a multitude of things that can go wrong during a grow op. Insects, bad pH balance in the water, nutrient deficiencies, power outages, etc can all kill the crop. This means that a grower must be extremely attentive to their plants to keep them healthy and thriving. Each day he’ll make sure to inspect each of his plants the way a good mother checks her children before they leave the house. He’ll be looking for both negative and positive cues that will give him an idea of how good or bad his plants are doing. You can be sure he’ll be doing the same for you. If you’re feeling sick, he’ll catch on immediately and make you soup (because he’s nurturing). When you’re feeling joyful, he’ll do his best to keep you riding that high (probably with weed). If you’ve had a bad day, he’ll notice it the second you walk through the door. Even when you say, “I’m fine’, he’ll know you’re not, and do what he can to change that for you. He is always paying attention because that’s just who he is. 


Guys who grow weed aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Growing pot requires a delicate, yet firm and confident touch. Germinating a seed, for example, is all about finesse. If you squeeze the seed too hard, you will ruin any chances of it sprouting. When it comes to pruning and cleaning pot, he needs to be precise and surgical with his hands. Let that be a metaphor for your relationship with a grower. He knows how to use his hands in a variety of ways. Feel free to let your imagination run wild with that one.


‘Nuff said. You no longer have to wait 3 hours to buy weed on girls’ night from that sketchy guy who gives you a deal on pot because he likes you in a way that makes you uncomfortable. If you need a joint, you can ask your new ‘friend’. It’s a surefire way to get your girlfriends to like him. Not much else to say here. Not only will the weed be free, it’ll be amazing!

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