Tips For New Growers: KISS

Written By: Bud Flowers

When it comes to growing cannabis for new gardeners, the rule of KISS applies. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Many new growers are on the fence about venturing into cannabis gardens because there is so much information that confuses, overwhelms and ultimately deters them from taking the plunge. Before you dive any deeper into the worldwide web waters of commercial marijuana gardens, take a break, read this blog and learn to follow the simple KISS principles that will make your first grow op something to behold.


In the spirit of the KISS principle, start growing cannabis by beginning with a small number of plants (1-4). This way you can easily observe the plant, and give it the attention it needs. If you’re feeling saucy, you can maximize your energy efficiency by growing 4 plants. There are a few things to consider before you start growing: how much time, money, and attention you can afford to give your garden. Don’t kill your ambition by watching grow op videos on YouTube and feeling intimidated. Begin an intimate relationship with cannabis and experience the satisfaction of gardening a consumable plant by beginning with 1 plant. As your confidence, resources, and experience grow, so too will your interest in having a larger garden.


Cannabis plants are very resilient, and in the right environment will bloom with almost no human intervention. However, a consistently successful indoor garden requires a little more attention. You control the sun (light), rain (water), temperature (heating and cooling), wind (fans), and the nutrition (food) your plant receives. Instead of feeling pressured with the responsibility of playing God, embrace the challenge. Keep a planting calendar and a schedule with tasks to complete each day so that you don’t forget what needs to be done. If you lack organizational skills, perhaps this little adventure into cannabis growing might have broader effects in other aspects of your life. Write down your growing schedule, and stick to it.


 If you are already consuming enough marijuana to contemplate having a grow, you probably have enough disposable income, that with a few sacrifices, you could start investing in your own home garden. Many of the products you’re going to purchase can be re-purposed as your garden grows. Research various products that you can reuse to save you money in the long run. If you are into DIY – your ingenuity can go a long way when it comes buying, using and creating your setup. As you get more competent and efficient, your harvests will yield greater results, thereby maximizing your bottom line.

Growing cannabis does not have to be an overwhelming experience. With the right guidance and tools, growing your own marijuana is very satisfying – both financially and personally. As an added bonus, you’ll love the bragging rights you earn with your friends the next session you bring your own bud to!

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