The Ideal Temperature And Humidity For Your Cannabis Plant


The temperature and humidity surrounding your plant should be different during the day and the night. When the lights are on, the temperature should be between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This should drop down by about 15 degrees for the nighttime temperature.


Keep the area around your plant relatively dry. This encourages more resin to coat the surfaces of your plant. An excess in humidity keeps the leaves dry and resin-free. Be sure the temperature is not too warm when you have a dry environment because this could lead to an unhealthy amount of drying out of your plant altogether. It will start to turn brown, and its roots won’t be able to take in the proper amount of water to keep your plant healthy.

Another reason you need to keep the humidity down is that humid areas cause plants to have broader leaves. In dry climates, marijuana plants respirate easily. The moisture is pulled off their leaves in a dry climate.

Marijuana plants growing in humid climates grow broader leaves to be better able to respirate despite the humidity. Broader leaves are bad for the consumer of marijuana because they will have a lower resin to leaf surface area ratio. This can make a big difference in your final product and the yield.


If your grow room (or, rather, the room where you happen to be growing your new favorite potted house plant) is too humid, you will need to employ some sort of method to dehumidify it until it is down to a healthy humidity level. You should only use a dehumidifier if you already own one or if you are not worried about the extra cost.

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