Cannabis Cultivation

  • Tips For New Growers: KISS

    When it comes to growing cannabis for new gardeners, the rule of KISS applies. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Many new growers are on the fence about venturing into cannabis gardens because there is so much information that confuses, overwhelms and ultimately deters them from taking the plunge. Before you dive any deeper into the worldwide web waters of commercial marijuana gardens, take a break, read this blog and learn to follow the simple KISS principles that will make your first grow op something to behold.
  • Grow Lights: Cheat Sheet

    Written By: Andrew Nunez-Alvarez Fluorescent (T5) Lighting Metal Halide (MH)Lighting High Pressure Sodium (HPS)Lighting · Promotes sufficient ...
  • Lighting For Home Growers

    CONTROL LIGHTING As a good rule of thumb, make sure your plant has grown (in its middle “vegetative” stage) for a bare minimum of 4-6 weeks before ...