Cannabis Cultivation

  • Growing Cannabis At Home - Which Setup Is For You?

    Weed in Canada is legal now. In Ontario, that means you can grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household (landlord permitting). There is no height restriction on these plants or storage limit. This is exciting news, especially if you’ve always been a bit of a closet stoner. Not only is it legal to carry your cannabis around and smoke it in public, but now, you can actually grow your own cannabis at home! Now that you’ve decided on taking the plunge, you need to choose a setup.


    Flowering Tips By Bud Flowers When it comes to flowering, you’re so close, yet so far away. Weeks of anticipation throughout the vegetative stage ...
  • Harvesting And Curing Your Cannabis Plant


    After harvesting (by removing the buds and the leaves curling around them), you will need to cure the buds in a way that makes it smoke able (and enjoyable). After drying the plant matter by hanging it upside down in a cool, dry room for days at a time, store the dried plant matter in clean glass jars, closing the lid tightly. Leave some extra room in the jars because the extra air will be helpful in the curing process.

  • Why Not A Small Grow Op?


    When people are first looking at growing their own marijuana plant for the first time, they generally end up reading about how to set up a big, successful operation. While success is certainly something you should be looking for, the fact is, that growing marijuana for only yourself does not need to be a huge endeavor. Why not start out with just 1-4 plants?

  • Watering Your Cannabis Plant

    THE IMPORTANCE OF WATER QUALITY Watering is important for marijuana plants for obvious reasons. What may not be so obvious, however, is that the qu...
  • Tips For New Cannabis Growes: KISS

    When it comes to growing cannabis for new gardeners, the rule of KISS applies. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Many new growers are on the fence about venturing into cannabis gardens because there is so much information that confuses, overwhelms and ultimately deters them from taking the plunge. Before you dive any deeper into the worldwide web waters of commercial marijuana gardens, take a break, read this blog and learn to follow the simple KISS principles that will make your first grow op something to behold.
  • Cannabis Grow Lights: Cheat Sheet

    Written By: Andrew Nunez-Alvarez Fluorescent (T5) Lighting Metal Halide (MH)Lighting High Pressure Sodium (HPS)Lighting · Promotes sufficient ...
  • Lighting For Home Growers

    CONTROL LIGHTING As a good rule of thumb, make sure your plant has grown (in its middle “vegetative” stage) for a bare minimum of 4-6 weeks before ...
  • Germinating A Cannabis Seed

    You can put the seed about a quarter inch to a half inch into the soil, covering it completely. The soil should remain moist but never get truly wet, and should stay at a nice, warm 75-degree temperature. do after that is wait to see the tiny sprout beginning to appear in 3 to 7.
  • Different Cloning Techniques - Cannabis Propagation


    You just need to trim the healthy cuttings from healthy plants. Make sure to clip off most of the leaves, but leave the top ones intact. Dip each of the cuttings in rooting gel or powder and then place it in a Rockwool cube and place it under a CFL light.

    The ideal temperature is around 22-24*C and the humidity should be over 90%. The roots should start showing up in about 8-12 days.

    Make sure to soak the rock wool cubes in pH 5.5 water for a few hours. We sell rockwool cubes and absorbent on our Online Store

  • Cloning Cannabis - The Basics

    CLONING BASICS Making marijuana clones is a bonus for any successful grower – as well as growers of any type of plant. Cloning is a reliable way to...
  • Cloning 101

    ROOM TEMPERATURE You should keep your clones’ grow room temperature a bit warmer than standard room temperature, so between 72 and 77*F. Since cutt...