Product Guide RAW Soluble Nutrients


Check out the newest product line that we are carrying at the shop. RAW soluble products are great for creating super soils and a fan favourite when preparing your outdoor gardens. Here's a break down of their product line and links to our online store.

RAW = Soluble product guide

 Amino Acids – Water soluble amino acids for rapid plant growth.  Derived from L-Glycine and L-Glutamic acid.  Useable with soil and hydro, can be applied all the way up into the middle of the flowering cycle.  Best used as an additive to an existing fertilization regiment. 

Blossom Plus – N-P-K is 0-39-25.  There are not many stronger products that this, extremely high phosphate and potassium content.  Ideal for all flowering plants.  Should be the primary fertilizer during bloom phase. 

B-Vital – Magnesium Sulfate supplement.  Highest concentration of B-1 than any other product on the market, includes 9% magnesium.  For additive use at anytime during growth.  Can also be used as a plant “revive” to minimize transplant shock or bring back a stressed out plant.

Cane Molasses – Although it can provide some nutrition and carbohydrates for plants it is primarily used to bolster the organisms in the soil.  Rare molasses product that will not jam sprayer heads and is completely water soluble due to its highly concentrated, micronized formula.  Can be combined readily with most fertilization regiments.

Calcium/Mag Structure – Unsung hero of optimal plant growth.  Provides the minerals for fruit and blooms.  Excellent for combating calcium and magnesium deficiencies   One of the best soluble calcium products on the market. 

Carbon Activated – Used in lieu of lime as a soil conditioner because of its potash content.  It also reduces pollutants in soil.  Used as supplement to regular feeding programs.

Full up – Sphagnum peat moss derived soil amender.  Allows you to permeate soil with sphagnum peat moss at anytime during grow phase.  Can be combined with all fertilizer regimes.

Humic Acid + Potash – Effective soil conditioner that excels in balancing PH.  It also provides trace elements that are essential for growing strong plants.  Its effects are amplified when used in conjunction with Kelp Marine. 

Kelp Marine – Need bio -derived growth hormone?  We can kelp!  Stimulates rapid and healthy root growth.  Great additive to any feeding strategy.

Microbes – A cocktail of beneficial bacteria and fungi.  Phenomenal for breaking down decomposing matter quickly, which in turn builds better soil quality.  Most effective if used at beginning of the grow as it gives time for bacteria colonies and fungal mycelium be established.  Can be used at anytime to bolster their numbers.   Comes in both a bloom and grow blend.

N/P/K – Individual pouches of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium.  Ideal for those who like to make their own blends.  May require supplementary trace elements.  

ominA – Water soluble nitrogen.  All natural and extreme value, 1 pouch makes 800 gallons!

Silica – Raw materials for building strong leaves and stems.  It promotes the health of the plant’s immune system.  Allowing it to have a fighting chance against plagues such as powdery mildew and other diseases.  Effective with most feeding schedules.

Yucca – All-natural surfactant used to eject organic salts from soil and keeps nutrients and minerals suspended in soil longer.  Effective in soil and hydroponic.  A single 2 ounce pouch makes 1000 gallons!

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