Lighting For Home Growers


As a good rule of thumb, make sure your plant has grown (in its middle “vegetative” stage) for a bare minimum of 4-6 weeks before you attempt to have it enter the flowering stage. Make sure your plant is getting between 16 and 20 hours of sunlight (or other kinds of light) per day. Buying a lamp is going to be necessary for growing it indoors.

Even if your plant is exposed to lots of sunlight, you will still need an actual lamp. This lamp cannot be any desk lamp or floor lamp. It needs to be a lamp designed specifically for growing plants.


Luckily, lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. You can keep your costs low when you only have one plant. Also keep in mind that lighting is the most expensive piece of equipment that you are going to buy. You might not be happy with the price, but it is the only item that will cost so much.

The kind of light you buy will depend on the situation you have in your house. If your plant will be exposed lots of sunlight, you can use a fluorescent light bulb.  It will add some extra hours of light when the sun goes down. Try buying a T5, a T8, or a CFL to get the minimum amount of light your plant will need.


This however, is not going to maximize the amount of light your plant is getting. The more light the better when it comes to growing cannabis. If you want to maximize your results you need to hammer your plants with light.

Your plant will let you know if it isn’t receiving enough light. It will begin stretching and reaching upwards, having more upward growth than outward growth. This is not good for a marijuana plant. Bushy plants are the ones that are capable of growing huge, potent buds that every marijuana user dreams of. Not tall skinny plants.

When you get into the more minute details of lighting, things can get a bit complicated. If you really want to maximize how much light you are exposing your plant to, however, it is a good idea to really understand what you are dealing with.

Although all the lamp options will likely be good enough to grow a healthy plant and get a decent yield, different kinds of lamps can achieve different results. If you go with a VHO lamp, for instance, your plant will probably grow as much as three times as fast as a plant that is growing underneath a more “standard” type of lamp. With a VHO light, you can expect to need to keep raising the light up more and more every day because the plant will be growing so fast.

A VHO lamp may be out of your price range. Additionally, you might not have the physical space for growing a plant that big. It is, therefore, important to consider all the aspects before deciding on a lighting system for your plant.


One of the best timers you can use for whichever type of lighting you go with is a vacation timer. These timers are intended to be used in regular household lights to make it appear as if you are home when you are really on vacation. Although they were not created with the purpose of setting a timer for growing marijuana plants, they nonetheless work wonders. It is a good idea to use a timer anyway because it will keep things extremely consistent, and it will be easy to remember how you treated your plant during one grow “season” when you need to consider how to change this treatment for your next plant that you grow. Check out our selection of timers here

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