Growing Cannabis At Home - Which Setup Is For You?

Growing 4 Plants Is Legal In ON

Weed in Canada is legal now. In Ontario, that means you can grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household (landlord permitting). There is no height restriction on these plants or storage limit. This is exciting news, especially if you’ve always been a bit of a closet stoner. Not only is it legal to carry your cannabis around and smoke it in public, but now, you can actually grow your own cannabis at home! Now that you’ve decided on taking the plunge, you need to choose a setup. Growing weed is easy, you just need to make sure you have the best tools for your desired setup. 

I have seen an increase of two types of cannabis home growers: those who want to take up growing cannabis as a hobby and those that take their yield a little more seriously.  I’m going to do my best to break it down both types of growers and what you need for success.

You Want To Grow Cannabis As A Houseplant

For those of you that just want to grow a couple cannabis plants as literal houseplants and you don’t really care what the yield is because you don’t consume that much anyways. I would recommend growing auto flower seeds and putting them under a t5 like this one. Or for a slightly better yield try a Sunblaster LED. Autoflower plants have a shorter lifespan, they start their bloom phase after just a very brief vegetative phase. They are the ideal type of flower for this setup.

You Take Growing Weed More Seriously

For the at home growers who’s quality and quantity of product is important, your setup is a bit more important. The first two questions you need to ask yourself are: where do I have space to do this and how much do I want to yield. Grow Op Hydroponics has at home grow kits for everyone - whether you want to grow a few ounces a cycle or closer to a pound a cycle. Our 2x2 kit come in two different versions: basic and premium. These kits will get allow you to grow up to 4 ounces every couple months, especially if you are doing a perpetual cycle of growth (cannabis simultaneously in two stages: veg and bloom).If you are looking for something that is going to produce a bit more, I’d recommend our 4x4 premium kit. You will likely be able to grow a pound of weed a cycle in this setup. Professionals can get more than that but as a home grower, a pound wouldn’t be an outrageous amount to yield from your cannabis plants in this setup.

Garden Essentials For Growing Cannabis At Home

Once you’ve got your setup chosen, there are a few items that you’ll need for your garden. I’ve tried to list them in order of importance/urgency.

The most important tool for your garden (after your light) is something to test the pH of your water. You can choose something like drops or strips or you can go with a more accurate method of checking the pH with a digital pen.

If you live in downtown Toronto, you will notice you water is probably coming in a little bit HOT (that’s what we refer to water as with a very high acidity). You will want to get some ph down.

The next item on your list is fertilizer or grow nutrients. Because of the number of different products available, this can be really overwhelming to beginner growers. Essentially, you will need a grow nutrient and a bloom nutrient. You can get organic fertilizers too. The first nutrient you will need in your cannabis garden is a grow nutrient. Once you switch your plants into bloom (by switching the light to 12/12) you will need to use a bloom nutrient. I would also recommend you get a bud booster, like this one. There are starter nutrient kits which have every fertilizer and add-on you could imagine giving to your plant. They are easy to use and cover all your bases.

I would also get a ppm pen. One that measures the salts/food in your water. This is one of your most important grow room tools. Without it, you are blind to what you are feeding your plant and what it needs.

Another essential tool for your cannabis garden? Pruners with handles and blades designed to harvest cannabis. Trust a professional on this one, if you thought typing at a keyboard was a big risk for carpel tunnel syndrome, try harvesting a crop using scissors with a bad grip! Here’s a great pair.

As your craft becomes more sophisticated, there are all sorts of fun products to use in your grow tent to maximize your yield. But getting started doesn’t have to be expensive or intimidating. People have been growing weed in their basements in secret for years. The secret is out, now we can grow cannabis legally at home with experts helping you along the way.

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