Germinating A Seed


The growing process begins by germinating your seeds. Once you have purchased all the supplies and equipment you need from Home Grow-Op Hydroponics, you can begin. There is not one perfect or right way to germinate, but it certainly can be kept simple and effective.

You can put the seed about a quarter inch to a half inch into the soil, covering it completely. The soil should remain moist but never get truly wet, and should stay at a nice, warm 75-degree temperature. do after that is wait to see the tiny sprout beginning to appear in 3 to 7.


An additional option for germinating the seeds is to put the seed inside several moist paper towels. You can also use a damp sponge for this. Then keep the paper towels or sponge moist (but not wet, much like with the soil method above) until you see the seeds sprouting. They could sprout in as little as 24 hours or as long as a week.

After germinating the seed(s) this way, plant it into the soil. This should be done as soon as you have seen the seed cracking open to allow the tiny sprout to emerge. Keep the soil moist but not wet, and make sure it is covered on the top.


Be sure to give your new plants plenty of light once they are planted in the soil. The lights should be only about two inches away from the soil, and should not be moved upwards until the seedling has grown a decent amount. Some people provide their young seedlings with 24/7 light for maximum growth, but this part is up to you. You can purchase lights for germinating cannabis seeds on our Online Store

Take a look at our Grow Light Cheat Sheet article to learn more.

If you are about to try cloning and would like some advice, give us a call: 416-530-7750 or send us an email: and one of our growing specialists will walk you through the process.