Flowering Tips

By Bud Flowers

When it comes to flowering, you’re so close, yet so far away. Weeks of anticipation throughout the vegetative stage has led to this glorious moment. Your babies are now ready to flower, but you’re not out of the woods yet. This is a crucial phase in the cannabis plant’s life cycle because of how sensitive cannabis plants are during flowering, so don’t screw it up! Here are some flowering tips to help you avoid any pitfalls ahead of time.


Growing indoors and hydroponically means that you control how much light your plants will receive. In the vegetative stage, you are hammering your plants with light (between 18-24 hours/day). When it’s time for flowering, your light schedule will change drastically  to a 12/12 schedule. At this stage you will be giving your plants 12 hours of full light, followed by 12 hours of Total Darkness!

Second, keep an eye on the growth of your plants. Flowering plants may still go through an unexpected growth spurt. This means you will need to adjust your lights accordingly. Keep an eye on how tall the plants grow to avoid any light burn.


Contrary to what manufacturers may tell you, you don’t have to blast your flowering plants with more nutrients. This is the last stage of their life cycle. If you go hard on the nutrients and ‘burn’ your plants, the damage is basically irreversible. 

If there are no signs of nutrient deficiency (the most common being yellow leaves), then stick to the regular feeding schedule. You will decrease the nitrogen and raise the Phosphorus and Potassium. Many nutrient manufacturers already have a “Bloom/Flowering” product that you can give to your babies.


The first question any experienced grower will ask a novice grower when they have a problem is, “have you tested your pH?”. If your leaves look ‘wrinkled’ or discoloured, your issue may pertain to a pH imbalance, or a nutrient deficiency, which can be attributed to a pH issue.

The ideal pH for soil grown cannabis is between 6.0-7.0. If you’re growing hydroponically, your pH should be slightly more acidic, 5.5-6.5.

Make sure to check your pH at the roots, which is where nutrients are consumed by the plant.


Once you’ve reached the end of your flowering stage, you need to do one more thing before you harvest and cure your crop. You must flush your plants before you harvest them. You are essentially removing all of the leftover nutrients (both organic and synthetic) so that you won’t consume any of it, and to ensure a high quality product.

To flush your plants, use a neutralized water, meaning the the pH level is perfectly balanced so that your plants don’t absorb extra aluminum or salt from your water source. The amount of time you will flush your plants for is dependent on the growing medium you use. Soil = 1-2+ weeks. Hydro = 3-4 days.

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