Cloning Cannabis - The Basics


Making marijuana clones is a bonus for any successful grower – as well as growers of any type of plant. Cloning is a reliable way to have a better harvest and yield without risking certain important factors such as potency.

Cloning cannabis plants is just using the clippings of one of your plants and moving it elsewhere to begin growing it by itself. It’s that simple!!

Most growers prefer to take the bottom branches from their plants since those branches would receive less light and yield less (you can also consider cutting from the top if you want the resulting plant to flower more quickly). If you take between two and four of each of your plant’s bottom branches to make clones, you could double your harvest. Do you understand now why cloning is so popular?


Although cloning is relatively risk-free because it does not risk the health of the original plant and your main harvest, clones often die before they are even able to root. It is not uncommon for just one out of ten clones to survive, so don’t be discouraged when most of them die.

When you are picking out a plant to clone, look for a plant that is hardy, growing rapidly, yields well, with large roots. When you take cuttings to clone your plant, you need to make sure that your plant is in a vegetative state. If you take cuttings during the flowering stage it will become more difficult for your plant to take root and the chance of the clones survival will be lower.

At the absolute minimum, your chosen plant needs to be two months old. In fact, it should have been in the vegetative state for two or three months already. If you wait this long to remove branches for cloning, then you should be able to get a decent number of clones.

You will need a knife that is quite sharp (to avoid any ripping during the cutting process). Make sure you always cut diagonally, since this will maximize the surface area from which roots will hopefully sprout.

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