Noise From Your Grow Tent Driving You Nuts?

4 Ways to Control Noise In Your Home Grow Op

The constant hum of growing equipment keeping you up night?  Is the whir of your fans interrupting your tv shows?  Then fret no further, there are plenty of options at your disposal!  There are four main strategies you can employ to make your growing life quieter and more enjoyable.  Let’s get down to business!

 1. Minimize Use Of Equipment

The easiest way to keep unnecessary noise down is to turn your equipment off - it also has the benefit of keeping costs down and adding lifetime to your equipment.  First thing you need to do is identify when you need to have your equipment on.  Have the light cycle on while you’re awake or at work and that will help to stop that hum from keeping you up. 

Now that you have identified when you light is on, put your fans on a timer.  Schedule your fan to turn on just before the light turns on and then off slightly after.  You can also program a timer to turn your fan on and off intermittently to minimize the amount of time you have to hear it.  Water and air pumps can also use this technique, but needs a bit more tuning.  Figure out how many litres you need to pump and match the litres per hour on your water pumpAir pumps need to be on for much more time and it may be harder to find time for your pump to go on downtime.  Most growers will still opt to run air pumps 24/7.  Ventilation fans can also be set to a thermostat switch to turn on the fans when you get to a certain temperature.   Humidifiers can also be tied to humidity sensing switch as well to optimize humidity will also help reduce noise.

2. Adjust Your Settings

Most equipment has variable settings and it can be leveraged to make for quieter experience.  Essentially the goal is to keep the maximum amount of noise down to a tolerable level.  Air pumps can be set to maximize oxygenation without going on full strength.  Water pump strength often outstrips the amount you need, setting it to ideal settings can mitigate a great deal of noise.  Most fans are overcapacity which means they can run on much lower settings and still be effective.  Over capacity fans also allow you vent a great deal of air in a pinch as well.

3. Mufflers

Now that you have reduced the amount of time your grow is making noise and you have minimized the total volume, it is time to mitigate the noise you hear with muffling.  Putting your grow behind closed doors can block noise a great deal, but not all people have the space to dedicate a room to growing.  Strategic placement of the grow tent can help as well.  Placing it beside or behind cabinets direct the sound away from where you want it to be quieter.  Vibration can also be a frequent source of noise.  Putting pumps on soft materials that don’t vibrate can help in a pinch.  Suspending inline fans with bungie cords, or even panty hose, can decrease the sound it emits by a large amount.

4. Smoke More Weed

Personally, I find that when I hit the bong or burn one down with a blunt, I care far less about the noise coming from my grow space. In fact, I actually appreciate the gentle hum of my fans – it’s all part of the process of cultivating our great cannabis plant. So the next time you feel a little irritated about the hum coming from your garden, spark one up and relax.

Now that you armed with knowledge to keep down the noise you can set to work making your grow a quieter and more enjoyable experience.  If that fails you can always drown it out with loud music or boisterous conversation. 

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